PHYTOREMEDIATION, let’s plant the future


EcoVal & Co. Srl, in cooperation with Consorzio Vivaisti Europei Scarl and with the support of IBIMET-CNR of Bologna, is able to carry out project for the phytoremediation of polluted soils by means of phytotechnologies and the creation of parks and permanent green areas.

Oases created with the phytoremediation technique take advantage of the purifying effect of specifically selected and certified tree types, that ensure the absorption of carbon dioxide, fine dust and gaseous pollutants in the atmosphere, as well as the phytodegradation and phytoextraction of pollutants contained in soil, thanks to the nutrients exchange process that occurs between plants roots and the ground.




EcoVal & Co. Srl is focusing on the application of this “green” technology, which makes it possible to create real green lungs able to bring not only an environmental advantage, but also a direct benefit to the life quality of citizens as well as a new idea of landscape, thanks to the various types of ornamental plants used.

Project Sphere 2020


The implementation of the what above said has led among other things to a project of redevelopment of an significantly damaged area (petrochemical area) in Mantua.

Ecoval & Co. Srl, Consorzio Vivaisti Europei Sacrl and local partners together with National level research centers are the key figures of this Project called “Sphere 2020”, that will bring many economic and environmental benefits to Mantua.

Main goals:

>environmental recovery of a now disused area, thanks to the phytoremediation process, which will consists of soils treatment; this process will also led to the creation of a new “green lung” that will have the task of reducing atmospheric pollutants, extremely problematic in that area;

>the opportunity toreintegrate ex-workers of the petrochemical area, as well as the possibility to create new jobs through the construction of a plant for the production of Herbal Crops® pellet, EcoVal brand, dedicated biomass to be used in agro-energetic supply chains.


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