Herbal Crops® – Overview


Herbal Crops® is a particular type of energy crop studied and selected by the team of agronomists of EcoVal & Co. Srl.

Herbal Crops®, NON FOOD and NO GMO hybrid can be cultivated using traditional farming techniques, making it possible to produce energy (thermal-electric) with an eco-friendly process.

This plant requires poor irrigation and fertilization; its peculiarity to absorb and retain water and nutrients, even in the most difficult conditions, is given by its very extensive root system and by its low transpiration. For this reason it is particularly suitable for areas with poor water supply, and it is a valid alternative to the already widespread crops, both at national and European level.

Herbal Crops® is produced through a dedicated agronomic supply chain that involves the local agricultural sector offering a farming alternative and an opportunity for economic recovery.

Herbal Crops® can be used in agricultural rotation with local food crops, making farming operations easier with machinery already used in the company and in the territory.

The crop, brand owned by EcoVal & Co. Srl, also ensures a satisfactory income due to the high biomass production.

It is simple, rustic and versatile both physiologically and for its management process; also the harvest can be carried out by different procedures: with cutting/defibering/swathing for subsequent baling or by means of a shredder with storage in vertical silos.