HC® – Carbon Energy

HERBAL CROPS®, a versatile resource


Ecoval & Co. Srl has not only studied and created the Herbal Crops®, but has tested its versatility combining it with other materials.

With time and dedication, Ecoval & Co. Srl team has achieved an excellent result, creating a new integrated fuel, HC® Carbon Energy, which is produced by the combination of chopped Herbal Crops® and coal dust.

The briquettes obtained from such mixture offer a great calorific value and can be used as auxiliary fuel in existing coal power plants, encouraging the difficult transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

The integrated fuel HC® Carbon Energy is also perfectly suitable to the needs of all the countries where fossil fuels are still the main energy resource, promoting their environmental commitment and the possibility to achieve EU standards.

  • Reduction of washout and atmospheric dispersion.
  • Improved quality of fumes produced by the mixing.
  • More compact extrude product with excellent combustion characteristics given by the use of biomass.
  • Improvement of the overall environmental impact resulting from energy production process.